Important macro events are happening that may shape the crypto market

Hi Dudes,

it has been some time since I post updates. Just to tell everyone, this website would still be active despite the bearish crypto market. As the market get bearish and less focus are on crypto, we see some very high profile news. This may actually shape the crypto market and the month of September is a month to look out for.

macro events

News number one:

Closure of wechat official accounts for chinese blockchain media companies

This include the banning of  crypto media wechat official account. Wechat public account (微信公众号)has always been the means of publications for top tier blockchain media companies. Many  includes Babi Media Group (巴比财经), Jinse Media Group (金色财经) etc used wechat as main publication source. These media companies are strategically owned by some top exchanges Binance and Huobi. They have been directly criticized as some of these media outlets were helping manipulate the cryptocurrency market.


Viewpoint: Media coverage from such top tier media would not cease.We may seen more involvement of the crypto community in other channels which include discord, reddit, telegram etc. But however, wechat has always been the go to social media platform, the removal of these top media companies in publishing articles on wechat may slowdown the number of new chinese retail investors entering into crypto space

News Number two:

SEC to review decision rejecting bitcoin etf

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said on Thursday it will review a decision by its staff to block nine bitcoin-based exchange-traded funds from coming to market.


Viewpoint: This news is of huge impact as approvals of bitcoin etf  may possibly create a bearish reversal and this approval will be a very important decision to watch. Many investors place expectations on the upcoming VanEck Bitcoin ETF fund, which I think is one of the better etf houses together with Vanguard, State Street and Blackrock

News Number three:

Bitmain going public

Chinese crypto conglomerate Bitmain is reportedly filing for an initial public offering (IPO) in which it hopes to raise $18 billion. This would mark the world’s largest crypto-focused IPO, and one of the largest public floats in history. Alibaba holds the record for the biggest IPO to date. It raised $25 billion in 2014. Facebook  raised $16 billion from its IPO in 2012. Bitmain’s anticipated public offering is set to dwarf the USD 1billion target set by Canaan and Ebang, .


Viewpoint:   These bitcoin miners are going on IPO because bitcoin prices have gone down significantly and yet the hash difficulty is not getting any simpler, it simply take much more to  mine a bitcoin compared to previous times.USD18billion for such business is way overvalued. Notwithstanding, this is a major step toward the mainstream for the entire industry, to enable investors to get exposure to crypto-related activities on the public market.However, my viewpoint anyone familiar with crypto should just buy bitcoin instead of investing bitmain.


Overall Market sentiments

Although, there have been no clear indicator of where the market would go,

  1. We see that governments are acting fast, companies are acting fast and we may soon see a clear guideline for crypto space investment. Bitcoin is now at  USD6.6k .If you have looked at a technical analysis range it may still be a downward trend but finding support at USD6k. I think the SEC decision news will be important as it may possibly move the markets. As of now, I still recommend a wait and see approach.
  2. The market  has been  moving sideways and is news dependent. Fresh funds into crypto will slow if SEC decision is not approved, and the chinese crypto crackdown continue. More existing holders will also be thinking of cashing out which will further extrapolate the bear market.
  3.  However, on a longer term I feel that crypto or bitcoin getting regulated as a legitimate asset class may be a matter of time  and still maintain a long term bullish viewpoint on bitcoin.
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